MedAcuity Announces Partnership with Loft to Support the Full MedTech Product Development Lifecycle

Companies’ Synergy Will Focus on Designing Hardware and Software that Acts in Harmony in a Single Diagnostic or Wearable Medical Device or System

Westford, Massachusetts, November 13, 2020 – MedAcuity, the go-to Boston-based software development partner for leading MedTech companies, today announced that it is partnering with Loft, a holistic user experience and product design studio, to develop an Experiential Ecosystem for select client engagements. Through this relationship, the two companies will be able to support the full product development lifecycle–from concept to commercialization–for MedTech companies and innovators with a special emphasis on user experience and human factors design. Initially, the relationship will focus on diagnostics technology and wearables, with the potential to expand the Experiential Ecosystem into other medical technology segments in the future.

Under the terms of the partnership, Loft will apply design and engineering skills and focus on project components such as human factors development, UX development, and mechanical and electrical engineering tasks. Simultaneously, MedAcuity will apply its extensive expertise to the full software development lifecycle, designing and engineering medical device software that is safe, secure, and highly usable for medical professionals and patients.

MedAcuity has over a decade of experience delivering software solutions for clients’ most critical application development challenges for all classes of medical devices. Its capabilities include firmware and embedded systems development; mobile, application and GUI development; cloud and enterprise technologies; software design and development methodologies for heavy compliance-driven regulated environments; and cybersecurity strategy.

Known for their comprehensive approach to user research, Loft is a leading design firm in the health tech space. With over 30 years of experience helping clients navigate FDA compliance hurdles and bringing technologies to life, Loft will bring a robust understanding of human factors design and user experience expertise to the partnership.

“We’re excited for this partnership, which will allow MedAcuity to deliver value to our clients earlier in the product development lifecycle,” said Andy D’Amore, senior vice president of business development, MedAcuity Software. “The complementary skill sets of Loft and MedAcuity will allow us both to maximize what we bring to an engagement, supporting clients’ needs from inception through to product launch.”

“Together with MedAcuity, we’ll have a larger spectrum of capabilities to help with all of the engineering and product development challenges that today’s MedTech companies face, coupled with full expertise in software development,” Gregor Mittersinker, cofounder, Loft. “The sum of our collective capabilities will be greater than working with hardware and software development partners separately, and we look forward to maximizing innovation for our shared clients.”

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Loft combines user-centered research, industry-leading design & product development expertise, to create award-winning medical user experience and product solutions! With offices in Providence and San Francisco, Loft is passionate about bringing life to life-changing ideas, which is why they specialize in medical device and wearable design. With over 30 years of award-winning product development and design experience, and over 100 patents, the Loft team offers expertise from early regulatory research and compliance strategy all the way to production improvements and product lifecycle management.

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About Medacuity

MedAcuity, a software engineering firm, partners with companies to address the business and technical challenges inherent in developing complex software-intensive solutions. Offering a combination of strategic consulting services focused on aligning product technology strategy with business goals and full lifecycle software development expertise, we accelerate the pace of innovation for leading companies and innovators in the MedTech, Life Sciences and Robotics industries. With over a decade of experience in software design and development methodologies for highly regulated and compliance-driven environments, our technical capabilities span all levels of software from embedded systems to mobile devices, the cloud and enterprise technologies.

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