MedAcuity’s Tom Amlicke to Present on Choosing the Right Architectural Framework When Building Medical Robots at The Robotics Summit & Expo 2023

WHO: Tom Amlicke is a software systems engineer and technical director of the Robotics practice at MedAcuity, the go-to Boston-based software engineering partner for leading MedTech and Robotics companies, with 20-plus years of embedded and application-level development experience. He designs and deploys enterprise, embedded, and mobile solutions on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux/UNIX platforms using a variety of languages including C++. Amlicke takes a lead role on complex robotics projects, overseeing end-to-end development of ROS-based mobile robots and surgical robots.

WHAT: Tom will present a session titled, “Keys to Using ROS 2 and Other Frameworks for Medical Robots” at The Robotics Summit & Expo. The session will address whether ROS, ROS 2, or other open-source or commercial frameworks are the best architectural approach to use when building medical robots. Tom will examine engineering questions concerning the level of risk, design controls, and evidence for different applications of these frameworks. He will explore an application based on three hypothetical robotic systems: the da Vinci Research Kit through regulatory clearance; ROS as test tools to verify the software requirements for a visual guidance system; and a commercial off-the-shelve shelf robot arm used for a medical application. Attendees will learn how to create trade-offs with these different approaches, and how to validate the intended uses to ensure a successful submission package for FDA, EMA, or other regulatory approval.

WHEN: The event will be held May 10-11th.Tom’s session will take place Wednesday, May 10th, from 2:00-2:45 PM.

WHERE:  The Robotics Summit & Expo will take place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, 415 Summer St, Boston, MA 

About Medacuity

MedAcuity, a software engineering firm, partners with companies to address the business and technical challenges inherent in developing complex software-intensive solutions. Offering a combination of strategic consulting services focused on aligning product technology strategy with business goals and full lifecycle software development expertise, we accelerate the pace of innovation for leading companies and innovators in the MedTech, Life Sciences and Robotics industries. With over a decade of experience in software design and development methodologies for highly regulated and compliance-driven environments, our technical capabilities span all levels of software from embedded systems to mobile devices, the cloud and enterprise technologies.

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