3D Visualization Subsystem

Subsystem Upgrade for Existing Radiology Information System (RIS)

Leading health technology company needed a highly performant 3D visualization component for existing RIS platform.

MedAcuity applied their technical expertise developing software for manipulating and visualizing scientific data to deliver a GUI built on high-quality, robust code that rendered superior 3D visualization.

3D Visualization Image Sample

project snapshot


  • Manufacturer’s current system was receiving negative customer feedback for its poor 3D visualization quality, failing to meet market demands, and it was being outpaced by competitors
  • Repeated development efforts to upgrade original source code to support the much-needed enhanced 3D visualization capabilities and functionality proved impossible to achieve


  • Existing code was not maintainable
  • Current design did not support the addition of the required new capabilities and functionality
  • Poorly established coding and design practices were key blockers


  • A new Linux-based C++ platform that leveraged Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) / Visualization Toolkit (VTK) libraries to achieve high-quality 3D rendering and interaction
  • Introduced DICOM interoperability enhancements and improved cybersecurity controls to meet FDA regulatory requirements


  • New 3D visualization subsystem capable of providing improved rendering speed and image quality that also allows anatomical separation and image rotation for enhanced diagnostic analysis
  • New robust architecture will better support evolving market needs enabling manufacturer to stay ahead of the competition
  • Knowledge transfer of engineering best practices for design, coding and testing to internal team will ensure high-quality future releases