Clear Requirements: A Blueprint for Success

How clear and well-defined requirements shape software development success

How do you define effective requirements?

Well-defined, clear and comprehensive requirements drive efficient software development processes, resulting in high-quality software solutions that satisfy stakeholders-internally and externally.

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project snapshot


  • MedAcuity was engaged to address performance issues and enhance the functionality of a controller for an implantable device targeted for IDE submission
  • Disagreements among company stakeholders regarding the scope of requirements threatened the success of the initiative tied to a crucial funding event


  • A stakeholder advocating from the clinical perspective pushed for additional features and functionality, risking schedule and budget overruns beyond the company’s acceptable limits
  • Throughout the development cycle, stakeholders attempted to introduce unplanned requirements disrupting project momentum


  • Proactively adjusted team staffing levels until requirements were clearly defined to ensure budget adherence
  • Guided the decision-making process within the company, establishing a baseline of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) requirements
  • Initiated a Change Control Board (CCB) to scrutinize any proposed changes beyond the original requirements for their value and impact


  • Accelerated the establishment of a baseline of requirements by several months
  • The CCB prevented low-value changes, maintaining a predictable project velocity
  • Successfully implemented all high-value requirements in the IDE release, leading to a successful company funding event