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Accelerating the Pace of Innovation for MedTech, Life Sciences, and Robotics

We offer a unique combination of strategic consulting services focused on aligning product technology strategy with business goals and full software development lifecycle expertise. 

With our experienced team of solutions architects, software and QA engineers, we are committed to ensuring you deliver solutions that exceed your customers’ expectations and drive long-term success for your business.

Partnering with clients, both large and small, we accelerate the development of complex software solutions that meet the highest standards of reliability, functionality, safety, and performance. Working with MedAcuity as your engineering partner, you will:

  • Increase efficiency and velocity
  • Enhance quality assurance
  • Improve project predictability
  • Reduce risk
  • Expand your team with needed expertise

Whether you need assistance with a full product development effort or at any stage of the software development lifecycle, our disciplined, experienced engineering teams provide immediate benefit or the boost that at-risk projects require.

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“is a medical certifiable ros needed?”

Presentation by Tom Amlicke | Software Architect & Robotics Systems Engineer | MedAcuity

if you missed the presentation, check it out here

While ROS isn’t yet the de factor standard in surgical robotics and medical devices, its potential in these fields is immense. In this presentation, Tom delves into how a tailored version of ROS, meeting stringent industry standards like IEC 62304 and ISO 60601, could revolutionize medical robotics.

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